CD review MARILLION ‘All One Tonight (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)’

(9/10) Rock pioneers Marillion have a long track record in music. The band, that debut with ‘Script for a Jester’s Tear’, has unveiled many brilliant rock albums from then till now. Most Marillion longplayers went right into the charts, some of those even achieving gold status. 

The latest studio release of Steve Rothery and bandmates was entitled ‘F.E.A.R. (Fuck Everyone and Run)’ and hit the shelves in 2016. The album, financed by crowdfunding, has a changing world and the ‘every man for himself’ thinking as a main theme. ‘F.E.A.R.’ was critically acclaimed and was highly appreciated by fans. 

Marillion embarked on a tour with the new album in their backpack and one of the stops was at legendary Royal Albert Hall in London. The band played an extensive concert on October 13th, 2017 that featured a comprehensive setlist, covering the Hogarth era.

Since the concert was part of the ‘F.E.A.R.-touring activities that main focus was on the latest studio release. Marillion performed the entire album in order that night, including big compositions like ‘El Dorado’, The Leavers’ and ‘The New Kings’ with all their sub-sections. Since the review is build on the CD, I can’t tell you much about the visual expression of this release. What I can tell you though is the excellent sound, this live release benefits from. It’s a perfect sonic experience for fans of filigree rock music and it’s vital recording with enthusiastic fans, chanting loudly at the end of ‘Living in Fear’. 

The second CD of this double release package includes a ‘best of’ set-up . The band played some of the most exciting tunes of the Hogarth era, going even back to the 1989 when ‘Season’s End’ marked the beginning of a new chapter of Marillion. ‘Easter’ and ‘The Space’ have both been performed that night and are a delight for fans. It’s not only that the songs played are terrific ones, it’s also that these tracks appeal in a new fashion. It’s a string quartet, flute and horn that adds additional beauty to tunes like ‘Neverland’.

Marillion released many live albums to date and even though you might call some of the your own, it’s ‘All One Tonight – Live at Royal Albert Hall’ that still contains enough new and excitement to go for it. The release is already in its audio version an impressive one and can be only topped by the DVD/Bluray package that also offers the entire viual experience with lightshow and projections.





CD 1:

  1. El Dorado
  2. Living in Fear
  3. The Leavers
  4. White Paper
  5. The New Kings
  6. Tomorrow’s New Country

CD 2:

  1. The Space
  2. Afraid of Sunlight
  3. The Great Escpae
  4. Easter
  5. Go!
  6. Man of a Thousand Faces
  7. Waiting to Happen
  8. Neverland
  9. The Leavers: V. One Tonight



Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: July 27th, 2018


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