CD review JUNGLE ROT ‘Jungle Rot’

(8/10) Jungle Rot’s start in the first half of the nineties wasn’t the easiest time for a metal band to enter the scene. Traditional metal faced a hard time during these years, a time when nu metal and grunge grew rapidly. However, the band from Wisconsin showed a lot of willpower and premiered in 1997 with ‘Slaughter the Weak’.

21 years later Jungle Rot is still active and has their tenth studio album in the starting blocks. Simply entitled ‘Jungle Rot’ the longplayer offers ten excellent thrash metal tracks that could lead to severe neck problems due to intensive headbanging. 

‘Jungle Rot’ is a death- and thrash metal hybrid that fires from start to end. There isn’t any moment for taking a deep breath. As soon as the needle of your record player brings the first riff to live you’re caught in a massive riff inferno. The grooving assaults ‘Delusion Denial’ and ‘Stay Dead’, the merciless riff monster Stay Dead’ and the brutal version of Kreator’s ‘Terrible Certainty’, all great songs and a full metal blast. And last but not least it’s ‘Fearmonger’ featuring Destruction’s Schmier, that makes a great album even better.

‘Jungle Rot’ is a raw and harsh metal release with face-smashing riffs, raging leads and hard pounding rhythm section. Horns up.





  1. Send Forth Oblivion
  2. Delusional Denial
  3. A Burning Cinder
  4. Triggered
  5. Fearmonger (featuring Schmier)
  6. Stay Dead
  7. Glory For The Fallen
  8. Pumped Full Of Lead
  9. Twisted Mind
  10. Terrible Certainty (Kreator)


Label: Victory Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: July 20th, 2018

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