AL DI MEOLA releases ‘Elegant Gypsy & More Live’

(*/10) An album that doesn’t entirely fit into the context of Markus’ Heavy Music Blog is the newest release of guitar legend Al Di Meola. Therefor I will not write a regular review for the album, but I still want to mention it. 

The passionate and talented musician from New Jersy is one of the best fushion and jazz guitarists with a long track record in music. Di Meola released his first longplayer, ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’, in 1976 and added many more releases to an impressive discography.

With ‘Elegant Gypsy & More’ a live album hits the shelves as we speak/write/read. The longplayer was recorded during Di Meola’s US tour and comprises of ten songs. The album benefits of an excellent sound, which makes classics like ‘Flight Over Rio’ and ‘Race With Devil on Spanish Highway’ really shine bright.

As mentioned in the beginning, this post might be a bit out of the regular and the word ‘jazz’ might shock some of you readers. However, just the fact that Di Meola worked together with guys like Frank Zappa and Jimmy Page during his musical career shows a clear link to rock music, not even talking about the exquisite guitar play which is stunning throughout. If you’re interested in terrific instrumental music with a guitarist that’s on fire, you shouldn’t miss this release.





  1. One Night Last June
  2. Senor Mouse
  3. Adour
  4. Babylon
  5. Chiquilin de Bachin
  6. Flight Over Rio
  7. Black Dog
  8. Midnight Tango
  9. Egyptian Danza
  10. Race With Devil on Spanish Highway


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Fusion/Jazz/Rock

Release Date EU: July 20th, 2018

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