Review JAZZ SABBATH ‘Vol. 2’

A few days too late for a relaxed Easter brunch comes the newest album from Jazz Sabbath. The trio that was created by Adam Wakeman and has its roots back in 2013. Wakeman, on tour with Black Sabbath, was challenged if could play the Black Sabbath set on piano. Challenge accepted and what started as... Continue Reading →

CD review PANZERBALLETT ‘Planet Z’

One of the craziest crossover mixture comes from Munich. Jan Zehrfeld started a project called Panzerballett in the early years of the 21st century. If you read ‘Panzer’ and you think about bands like Sabaton, don’t read further since Panzerballett acts in a total different genre. Zehrfeld and bandmates brings together what doesn’t belong together,... Continue Reading →

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