WATCHTOWER vinyl re-release of ‘Control and Resistance’ as limited edition

Music On Vinyl released a limited vinyl version of the Watchtower classic ‘Control and Resistance’. The longplayer was originally published in 1989 and belongs to the milestones in progressive metal. Alan Tecchio (v), Ron Jarzombek (g), Doug Keyser (b) and Rick Colaluca (d) combined the brutality of thrash metal and the filigree of progressive metal to a terrific eight-songs-featuring record that was pioneering when it comes to metal. 

The 2018 release comes as 180gr. purple vinyl edition which is limited to 500 copies.



  1. Instruments of Random Murder
  2. The Eldritch
  3. Mayday in Kiev
  4. The Fall of Reason
  5. Control and Resistance
  6. Hidden Instinct
  7. Life Cycles
  8. Dangerous Toys


Label: Music On Vinyl/BMG/Sanctuary

Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: July 13th, 2018



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