CD review DESTINIA ‘Metal Souls’

(8/10) Destinia is the brainchild of Japanese guitarist Nozomu Wakai. Two albums have seen the light already earlier and number three is on its way.  

‚Metal Souls‘  will be in the shops on July 13th and comes via Frontiers Music. What makes this eleven songs comprising album special is the contribution of Ronnie Romero. Furthermore the Japanse axeman could get together an extremely experienced rhythmsection. No less than bass veteran Marco Menodza and drum legend Tommy Aldridge sign responsible for a hard-hitting beat, providing the album with a strong heartbeat throughout.  

This exciting line-up created with ‚Metal Souls‘ a thrilling melodic metal record. ‚Metal Souls‘ is a journey back in time when melodic metal had a first peak during the second half of the eighties. Catchy hooks,  sing along choruses and classic metal vocals of Romero create a blistering metal vibe. Songs like ‚Rain‘ and the heavy pounding ‚Raise Your Fist‘ are exquisite melodic rockers and it is the darker ‚Metamorphosis‘ you should have heard too.  

Destinia has an album in the starting blocks that benefits from an experienced line-up, a passion for metal and songs that are as catchy as they have enough edges. Melody and heaviness can go together very well, a fact Destinia proves on their newest delivery. 





  1. Metal Souls 
  2. Rain 
  3. End Of Love 
  4. Promised Land 
  5. Take Me Home 
  6. Raise Your Fist 
  7. Be A Hero 
  8. Metamorphosis 
  9. Cross The Line 
  10. Judgement Day 
  11. Ready For Rock


Label: Frontiers Music 

Genre: Melodic Metal 

Release Date EU: July 13th, 2018




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