DVD review HAKEN ‘L-1VE’

(9/10) The recording starts with an excited crowd that welcomes the first samples, marking the beginning of a Haken show that took place st Melkweg in Amsterdam in spring 2017. The concert the last one of Halen‘s 10th anniversary tour that led t through Europe and North America. 

The main focus of this show was on the ‚Affinity‘ album which was launched prior to this anniversary tour. A double of the latest album started the show in front of a enthusiastic audience. ‚affinity.exe‘ and ‚Initiate‘ reflect the new album in a good fashion and it‘s ‚In Memoriam‘ that takes fans back to the 2013 ‚The Mountain‘ album.  

And further back in time we go. The first show the UK proggers played in The Netherlands was at ProgPower Europe and the band celebrates these early days with a 22 minutes reference to the debut ‚Aquarius‘. The ‚Aquamedley‘ is the centerpiece of the album and the show, framed by the newer stuff from the before mentioned longplayers.  

Being a Haken fan you recognise that there‘s one album I haven‘t mentioned. ‚Visions‘ from 2011contributed with one tune, which is the title track of the album. The song acted as the 23 minutes encore and a well-chosen closer of an exciting concert that put the focus on muisc and songs. 

Watching the DVD shows dedicated musicians that live their music. On a not too spacious stage at Melkweg, Haken didn‘t distract with gimmicks and effects. It was rather simple light show that supported the gig and it has been the songs that were the shining element of this concert.  

What comes in addition to the Amsterdam show are four tracks, being part of the DVD package. ‚Falling Back to Earth‘, ‚Earthrise‘, ‚Pareidolia‘ and ‚Crystallised‘ have been filmed at ProgPower USA in 2016 and enrich this live release.  

All together ‚L-1VE‘ provides fans of exquisite prog metal with almost three hours of excellent music that is breathtaking. Haken belongs to the most important modern prog acts and this live release underlines things in an impressive manner.  





L-1VE DVD 1 

  1. affinity.exe/Initiate – Live in Amsterdam 
  2. In Memoriam – Live in Amsterdam 
  3. 1985 – Live in Amsterdam 
  4. Red Giant – Live in Amsterdam  
  5. Aquamedley – Live in Amsterdam  
  6. As Death Embraces – Live in Amsterdam  
  7. Atlas Stone – Live in Amsterdam  
  8. Cockroach King – Live in Amsterdam  
  9. The Architect – Live in Amsterdam 
  10. The Endless Knot – Live in Amsterdam 
  11. Visions – Live in Amsterdam 

L-1VE DVD 2 

  1. Falling Back To Earth – Live At Prog Power 2016 ) 
  2. Earthrise – Live At Prog Power 2016  
  3. Pareidolia – Live At Prog Power 2016  
  4. Crystallised – Live At Prog Power 2016
  5. Initiate – official video  
  6. Earthrise – official video 
  7. Lapse – official video ) 


Label: InsideOut Music 

Genre: Prog. Metal 

Release Date EU: June 22nd, 2018 




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