CD review POWERFLO ‘Bring That Shit Back’ EP

(*/10) Right in time for their European shows Powerflo releases an EP entitled ‘Bring that Shit Back’. For the ones that missed Powerflo so far – Powerflo, that’s Cypress Hill rapper Sen Dog, downset guitarist Rogelio “Roy” Lozano, Biohazard singer und guitarist Billy Graziadei, Fear Factory bass player Christian Olde Wolbers und Worst drummer Fernando Schaefer. These guys released a critically acclaimed debut in summer 2017 and now it’s an EP that marks the next tangible outcome of their work.

The disc starts with a re-arranged version of Bob Markey’s timeless classic ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ and the song fits perfectly to Powerflo, their sound and their message. The original version is still recognisable even though this interpretation adds a lot of additional guitar power to the timeless hit.

The title track is next and it’s the hardcore roots that break through. Grooving aggressiveness is the main characteristic of this tune, reminding me of the ‘Judgement Night’ soundtrack days.

Last but not least the EP comprises of some remixes of ‘Where I Stray’ and ‘The Grind’. In the context of ‘crossover’ these remixes are OK, but 2-3 live recording or new songs would have done a better job. The remixes are a kind of distraction when it comes to the positive impression I got with the first two songs.

All in all: A great cover version, a good Powerflo and six remixes of two songs, with the latter being unnecessary add-ons.





  1. Get Up Stand Up (Bob Marley cover)
  2. Bring that Shit Back
  3. Where I Stay (DLOW Remix)
  4. Where I Stay (HALLUCINATOR Remix)
  5. Where I Stay (VIGILANTE Remix)
  6. The Grind (NIVEAU ZERO Remix)
  7. The Grind (BIG BROTHER 84 Remix)
  8. The Grind (VIRAL Remix)


Label: Dine Alone Records

Genre: Crossover

Release Date EU: June 1st, 2018

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