CD review VIOLATION WOUND ‘With Man in Charge’

(8/10) Public Image Limited, also known as P.I.L., has a song in their repertoire entitled ‘This is Not a Love Song’. This title came to my mind when I listend to the new album of Violation Wound, which isn’t a ‘love record’. It is though a record to love.

The band is around since summer 2013 and is the brainchild of Autopsy mastermind Chris Reifert. In contrast to his main band Violent Wound has nothing to do with death metal. Violation Wound is entirely about raw and aggressive punk rock that doesn’t take any prisoners.

The band’s new album is entitled ‘With Man in Charge’, featuring 20 songs of which the shortest one is 37 seconds (‘Fuck it Up / Dumb it Down’) in length and it’s ‘Statement Suicide’ that reaches with three minutes an almost epical running time.

‘With Man in Charge’ is the bands first album for Peaceville Records and as with the earlier releases also this one is a raw and dirty punk rock album that includes a pissed off vibe from start to end.  In this sense the new longplayer is a continuation of what was started in 2013.

What’s remarkable though is the excellent sound the album got. The energy and brutality of each of the songs gets across in a great fashion, mainly supported by a production that keeps things extremely basic without compromising on quality.

Chris Reifert, together with his bandmates Joe Orterry and Matt O’Connell, did a good job when it comes to ‘With Man in Charge’. Violent Wound shows what you get by bringing together Autopsy and the Ramones. It’s pushing, dynamic and puristic punk rock that puts a lot of demands on your amplifier.





  1. Humanity Burning
  2. Vortex
  3. Fearmonger
  4. Dangerous Idiot
  5. Selling Your Soul For Damage Control
  6. State of Alarm
  7. Ruining Everything That’s in the Way
  8. God’s Plan
  9. Smok and Flames
  10. Stalemate Suicide
  11. Unhinging World
  12. Destroy the Factory
  13. Two Middle Fingers Whiskey and Beer
  14. Don’t Believe It
  15. Stoking the Fires of Chaos
  16. Scratched Out
  17. Fuck it Up ? Dumb it Down
  18. Twisted Up Inside
  19. Kicked inTonight VWIII
  20. With Man in Charge


Label: Peaceville Records

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date EU: April 27th, 2018


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