CD review CRIMSON DAY ‘At the Mountain of Madness’

(7/10) Finnish metallists Crimson Day debut in 2015 with an album entitled ‘Order of the Shadows’. The longplayer included songs that reminded of bands like Gamma Ray and Helloween.

After such a good start the 5-piece band from Tampere, Finland worked on a successor and it was a few months ago when ‘At the Mountain of Madness’ saw the light of day, being a self-released album that can be checked-out via Bandcamp.

The band’s sophomore record features a new singer. It is Lassi Landström who joined the Finns in 2016 and I must say that he does an excellent job on the new album. As with the debut also the second release shows some inspiration by German meta bands. This time I had to think more than once about Blind Guardian while listening to “At the Mountain of Madness’.

On the one hand it’s Landström’s voice and the phrasing, but also the songwriting,that brings songs like the title track and esp. ‘My Last Rites’ closer to the earlier Blind Guardian. Partly you can also find some cross-references to band like Iced Earth and these obvious links are the only things that might work a bit against this album. The uniqueness is missing although I must state that Crimson Day isn’t a copycat of the above mentioned bands. They just stick a bit too close to their idols.

Having this point ticked-off I also can conclude that this longplayer is a really entertaining one. The songs are powerful, include good melody lines and crunchy riffs with Landström doing a great job at the mic. Last but not least production and sound are well-done which let the album shine even brighter.

To sum up: Crimson Day is a passionate metal outfit that has good metal songs in their offer and if they will add a bit more of an own identity to their sound, a rise in their career shouldn’t be problem.



  1. The Expedition of Dr. William Dyer
  2. At the Mountain of Madness
  3. The Final Hour
  4. No Hope (For Salvation)
  5. My Last Rites
  6. Welcome to the Wasteland
  7. Nightwalker
  8. Before the Night is Done
  9. Beasts of Prey
  10. Until the End
  11. Falling Skies
  12. Crimson Shore

Label: Self-released

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: February 17th, 2018

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