CD review KOMATSU ‘A New Horizon’

(8/10) Eindhoven Rockcity is more than just a name. It's the moniker of an initiative that combines Eindhoven's vital rock- and metal scene, with Komatsu being one representative of. The quartet, consisting of Martijn Mansvelders, Mathijs Bodt, Mo Truijens and Jos Roosen, started Komatsu in 2010 and debuted in 2013 with ‘Manu Armata’. Komatsu plays... Continue Reading →

CD review CLUTCH ‘Book of Bad Desicions’

(9/10) Damn, time flies! ‘Book of Bad Decisions’ is already album number 12 in Clutch’s impressive discography. Obviously the band didn’t take a lot of bad decision in their musical career since otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to maintain the band and their sound for such a long time, with the new album not being... Continue Reading →

CLUTCH unveils a new song

Clutch unveiled a second track of their upcoming album 'Book of Bad Decisions'. The song's title is 'How to Shake Hands' and will be also available as limited 7", which will also include 'Gimme the Keys'. Album release date is September 7th and the new video can be watched HERE...

CD review ASG ‘Survive Sunrise’

(7/10) ASG is the acronym for All Systems Go, the original name of this band that started in 2001 in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. ‘Survive Sunrise’ is the first album the quartet releases in five years and it features 12 new songs. ASG started as a trio playing instrumental songs before guitarist Shi took over... Continue Reading →

CD review MOTORJESUS ‘Race to Resurrection’

(8/10) German power outfit Motorjesus starts their engine again on June 15th with their fourth album, entitled ‘Race to Resurrection’. The three-piece from Moenchengladbach, Germany debut in 2006 as Motorjesus, after having been around for several years as The Shitheadz. The latest release this trio dates back to 2016 when ‘Electric Revelation’ hit the shelves... Continue Reading →

CD review WITCHSKULL ‘Coven’s Will’

(7/10) Lee Dorrian’s Rise Above Records is the label that releases Witchskull’s new longplayer ‘Coven’s Will’. The trio, hailing from Canberra, Australia, unveils their sophomore album three years after having debut with ‘The Vast Electric Dark’ It looks like running time doesn’t seem to be the main focus these days with ‘Coven’s Will’ being another... Continue Reading →

CD review YOB ‘Our Raw Heart’

(8/10) Oregon-based YOB releases with ‘Our Raw Heart’ their new album; number four after their return in 2008. The band originally started in 1996 and can look back on a longer history in doom metal. YOB, that’s very much Mike Scheidt, being the only remaining founding member of the band. He is supported by Travis... Continue Reading →

UP IN SMOKE festival announced second headliner

Up In Smoke Indoor Fest 2018 has just announced a bunch of new bands, including their second headliner: The almighty ELECTRIC WIZARD, bringing their new album "Wizard Bloody Wizard" to make Pratteln tremble once again! Taking place October 5th & 6th 2018 at Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland, highclass acts such as JOHN GARCIA & THE... Continue Reading →

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