New album from THE WILD! in March

“In a time where our genre has never seemed more lost, we stay the course, Some of us still believe in rock and roll music and this album is for those of us that do.” Dylan Villain (v/g) states. With this statement in mind the Canadian quartet approached work for their next album 'Still Believe in Rock'n'Roll'.... Continue Reading →

CD review SHAKRA 'Mad World'

It really feels like a mad world we are living in these days, one of the reasons why Swiss rockers Shakra entitled their new longplayer simply 'Mad World'. Now, what sounds like a depressive view on the current state of the blue planet is actually the opposite. 'Mad World' features 12 new songs that carries... Continue Reading →

CD review TUNDRA ‘Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari'

'Das Geheimnis des Dr. Caligari' is a step out of Toundra's comfort zone, an experiment with a successful ending. The four guys, hailing from Madrid, captured the vibe and mood of the movie and by that created a real soundtrack that bridges many decades of art. Well done Toundra.

CD review H.E.A.T. 'II'

Since more than a decade Swedish H.E.A.T. became to a deliverer of excellent Melodic Metal albums, all being a treat for your ears. Two years after ‘Into the Great Unknown” has been revealed it’s the next musical strike that stands in line for being released and it's a next melodic highlight they quintet adds to... Continue Reading →

ROCK HARD FESTIVAL confirms 5 additional bands

Today five additional bands have been confirmed for the 2020 edition of Rock Hard Festival. Legendary Blue Öyster Cult will play at Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen as well as Finnish Punk’n’Roll icon Michael Monroe is confirmed too. Suicidal Angels will be a treat for Thrash Metal fans while Neck Cemetery and Harlott take over the opening... Continue Reading →

CD review BLIND EGO 'Preaching to the Choir'

'Preaching to the Choir' is about just doing things and by that challenging your comfort zone in order to develop. Songs like the heavy opener 'Massive' reflect the approach very well. Bling Ego's new longplayer is a mixture of Prog, Rock and Metal, a fusion that spreads fascination.

CD review DISBELIEF 'The Ground Collapses'

Serious things must happen to make the ground collapse and one of the forces that can make this happen is Disbelief's new album. 'The Ground Collapses' is the title of Disbelief's eleventh album and two years after the earthshaking 'The Symbol of Death' was unveiled, it's the new longplayer being the next smashing release that... Continue Reading →

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