PATTERN-SEEKING-ANIMALS release their debut today

Pattern-Seeking-Animals is a new band that features well-known band members. Ted Leonard, Jimmy Keegan and Dave Meros, all having a history with Spock’s Beard, are part of the band as well as John Boegehold, who came with up the idea of Pattern-Seeking-Animals in 2018.

The band’s self-titled debut hits the record stores today, an album that comprises of well-crafted musical treats with a progressive touch attached. The album comes via InsideOutMusic and nine compositions.

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. No Burden Left To Carry
  2. The Same Mistakes Again
  3. Orphans of the Universe
  4. No One Ever Died and Made Me King
  5. Fall Away
  6. These Are My Things
  7. We Write the Ghost Stories
  8. No Land’s Man
  9. Stars along the Way

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