CD review INDIAN NIGHTMARE ‘ By Ancient Force’

(7/10) Indian Nightmare is an illustrious outfit, which is truly global with countries like Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey and Italy, band members call their home. It’s often mentioned that Heavy Metal units and this quintet is an example for the saying being spot-on.

‘By Ancient Force’ is the sophomore album of this furious outfit. The longplayer comprises of seven songs, leading to a running time of 41 minutes.

Indian Nightmare is musically imprinted by ’80s Thrash Metal and US Metal. ‘Serpent’s Eye” is a song, that gives you a good idea of what Indian Nightmare is about. Aggressive riffing, some furious solos and vocals that include high-pitch screams a la Agent Steel takes you back in time. Another song you shouldn’t miss is the seven minutes closer ‘The Awakening’, being the anthemic and varied finale of a well-done album.

To keep things as authentic as possible the quintet recorded the album live and gave the longplayer an analog vibe too. ‘By Ancient Force’ is a journey back in time, an album that allows time-travelling without a Delorean.



  1. Bastions of Nightmares
  2. Incursions of Death
  3. Serpent’s Eye
  4. Land of the Damned
  5. Yang Tarampas Dan Terampas
  6. Set the Spirit Free
  7. The Awakening

Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: May 24th, 2019


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