CD review LICE ‘Woe Betide You’

(7/10) Avantgarde metaller Lice is a mystic player in the fields of metal. Not that much is known about the band that consists of Shining’s Nikolas Kvarforth and J of Spanish Teitanblood. The third band member is Kirill Krowli, responsible for guitar, bass and effects.

‘Woe Betide You’ is the current output of this trio and it’s an album of extremes. ‘Level Below’ is a song that shows the various patterns and influences of Lice very well. There are the creepy and pitch-black moments, sections where hoarse vocals and racing beats dominant. The tension though comes from breaks that are spread out all over the place, with atmospheric soundscape creating a sonic contrast to the fierce outbreaks.

The element that strings everything together is the painful and melancholic vibe, being the constant undertone in each of the songs. ‘Woe Betide You’ isn’t an easy-going album. It’s complex and it’s sometimes weird and wicked. This record certainly challenges the frames of metal. It’s music for a niche more than for the mainstream with an approach that makes art win over commerce.



  1. Beyond Eternal Recurrence
  2. Layers of Dirt
  3. Towards Reality
  4. Level Below
  5. Roadkill
  6. Pride Eraser
  7. And So the Ceaseless Murmur of the World Came to an End 

Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Avantgarde Black Metal

Release Date EU: May 10th, 2019


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