CD review NEW YEARS DAY ‘Unbreakable’

(7/10) New Years Day, that is Ash Costello, Nikki Misery, Frankie Sil and Austin Ingerman, all four releasing with ‘Unbreakable’ their fourth album. New Years Day is focussing on Modern-/Alternative Metal, which is mainly built on heavy riffs and Costello’s energetic voice. Reminding partly of Gwen Stefani, vocals are certainly a centrepiece of this album. From wild screams to more tangible vocals Costello uses the entire range which fits the songs very well.

Talking about songs, they are all good but also sound like being built with a general success formula in mind. The pop-like ‘Poltergeist’ is one of these examples that spread the impression of being built for success and the same goes for ‘Shut Up’ too. ‘Skeleton’ instead fires on all cylinders and comes with a solid grooves. The track makes me think of Linkin Park which is per se not a bad thing. It’s a highlights of the album, something I can’t say about the title track. Down-tuned guitars get out of the speaker quite heavily which unfortunately isn’t enough to make this song shine. ‘Unbreakable’ doesn’t mean that things are foreseeable. Things are predictable on this release.

‘Unbreakable’ is an album that on first sight doesn’t contain really weak spots. However, after having listened to ‘Unbreakable’ several times I can’t get rid of the idea that commercial success was too much in focus during the production of ‘Unbreakable’. All in all: nothing wrong with ‘Unbreakable’ but no wow-album either.



  1. Come For Me
  2. MissUnderstood
  3. Skeletons
  4. Unbreakable
  5. Shut Up
  6. Done With You
  7. Poltergeist
  8. Break My Body
  9. Sorry Not Sorry
  10. My Monsters
  11. Nocturnal
  12. I Survived

Label: Another Century

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: April 26th, 2019



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