CD review MYRATH ‘Shehili’

(8/10) Myrath is an interesting outfit in many aspects. Myrath, that’s Arabic for ‘heritage’, hails from Tunisia, which is per se already something more unusual and it shows that Metal is uniting people from all over this planet.

Secondly it’s the great music that comes through Myrath. The band, being the brainchild of guitarist Malek Ben Arbia who founded the outfit back in 2001. As in many cases, cover version were the starting point but pretty soon own songs have been written.

Myrath debuted in 2005 with ‘Double Face’ and since then the band is a deliverer of great progressive metal that can stand a comparison with other big acts. ‘Shehili’ is the title of the newest release, coming from this powerful quintet. Myrath plays a mix of power metal and progressive metal, all spiced-up with the oriental musical influences, the latter helping the band a lot in creating an own identity.

‘Shehili’ is Myrath’s sixth full-length album and it features twelve new songs. The new longplayer is the result of months of hard work and it’s a ‘band album’, meaning that every band member contributed to songwriting. It’s the outcome of a collaborative approach and I think the songs reflect this way of working.

Each of the songs is a short story, addressing various topics related to the here and now. It’s a very positive spirit that’s embedded in these tunes. It’s about hope and freedom. The lyrics are one part of this album and what equally counts is the great music. Fir the ones of you that never listened to the band, you can draw parallels with band like Symphony X.

Songs you shouldn’t miss are the powerful ‘You’ve Lost Yourself’, the dark ‘Monster in My Closet’ and the anthemic ‘No Holding Back’.

To conclude: ‘Shehili’ is a great album that distinguishes itself by excellent music, lyrics with depth and oriental sound elements that reflects a local aspect as well as it adds something partly new to metal. ‘Shehili’, an album to recommend.


  1. Asl (Intro)                                                    
  2. Born To Survive           
  3. You’ve Lost Yourself     
  4. Dance                          
  5. Wicked Dice                
  6. Monster in My Closet  
  7. Lili Twil                        
  8. No Holding Back        
  9. Stardust                     
  10. Mersal                         
  11. Darkness Arise            
  12. Shehili

Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: May 3rd, 2019



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