CD review SANHEDRIN ‘The Poisoner’

(8/10) Cruz Del Sur Music showed already more than once their great sense for bands, being located in the fields of traditional and epic metal. US-based Sanhedrin is one of the examples that shows how much good metal is out there, besides the well-trodden trails of mainstream.

Sanhedrin is hailing from Brooklyn and their debut dates back to 2017 when ‘A Funeral for the World’ unveiled a gloomy atmosphere. The album was a first strong statement and with the ink dried on a contract with Cruz Del Sur the next metallic milestone was crafted.

Entitled ‘The Poisoner’, the new longplayer comes with eight songs and a running time of 42 minutes. The sophomore album picks up the spirit of the debut and showcases a band that grew over the last two years.

The new record begins with ‘All My Gods are Gone’, an opener built on a massive riff and Stoltz’ iconic voice. The moderate paced song is a hypnotizing metal anthem that’s followed by ‘Wind of the Storm’ and its galloping rhythm.

As a fan of epic metal you shouldn’t miss songs like the title track. ‘The Poisoner’ starts acoustic and calm. It’s again Erica Stoltz vocals that add an intense and emotional aspect to this soulful beginning. The band makes use of a loud/silent pattern, which could be seen as a standard approach. Not in this case. The trio uses the tool to create an extra thrill and they succeed, since it definitely adds excitement.

The closer ‘In from the Outside’ is another seven minutes epos, this time in a more uptempo fashion. Excellent solo sections substantiate the positive impression I got from this anthem (and longplayer) and rounds off the album in a worthy way. These eight points go to Brooklyn and they are more than well-deserved.



  1. All My Gods are Gone
  2. Wind on the Strom
  3. Blood from Stone
  4. The Poisoner
  5. The Gateway
  6. For the Wicked
  7. Saints and Sinners
  8. In from the Outside

Label: Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Epic Metal

Release Date EU: February 22nd, 2019



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