CD review TIM BOWNESS ‘Flowers at the Scene’

(8/10) Sound architect Tim Bowness’ newest album includes eleven songs for which he also could win over some guest musicians, supporting him in making a really good rock album. ‘Flowers at the Scene’, that’s the title of this longplayer, isn’t a hard rocking album. As with the earlier records it’s the combination of rock music, good melodies and big soundscapes that all together create the beauty of the album.

‘Flowers at the Scene’ starts with a gently rocking tune called ‘I Go Deeper’, followed by the elegant ‘The Train That Pulled Away’.

A song entitled ‘Rainmark’ is next and it’s the first tune with a guest. No less than Fates Warning’s guitar wizard Jim Matheos adds his great guitar play to the mix. Compared to the mothership it’s more the calmer tones Matheos coaxes out of his guitar.

There are three more songs the guitar legend contributes to of which the dark rocking ‘It’s the World’ belongs to the best ones.

For adding some tension it’s ‘Borderline’ that follows the gloomy rocker. ‘Borderline’ is a calmer song, a Sunday-afternoon chilling time tune with a saxophone being a solo instrument.

‘Flowers at the Scene’ is an album that makes use of musical savvy and creative song writing which allows the creation of songs that carry emotions. Tim Bowness’ new full-length album is done with heart and soul, and that’s what you hear with every single tone on this longplayer. It’s worth to give it a try, even if you are a fan of power riffs.



  1. I Go Deeper
  2. The Train That Pulled Away
  3. Rainmark
  4. Not Married Anymore
  5. Flowers at the Scene
  6. It’s the World
  7. Borderline
  8. Ghostlike
  9. The War on Me
  10. Killing to Survive
  11. What Lies Here

Label: Inside Out Music

Genre: Art Rock

Release Date EU: March 1st, 2019



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