CD review MIKAEL ERLANDSSON ‘Capricorn Six’

(8/10) Singer Mikael Erlandsson isn’t a new kid at the block. The Gothenburg-based frontman started his career in the late ’70s as a drummer of punk band, something that’s hard to imgine while listening to his new solo album ‘Capricorn Six’.

Erlandsson’s main band though is Last Autumn’s Dream, but it has been the solo releases that have been a constant part of the offer with the newest one hitting the shelves in early 2019.

‘Capricorn Six’ is the title of his sixth solo recording, featuring ten melodic rock songs, all of high quality. As known from Swedish musicans and bands, there must be something in their veins that provides these guys with a great sense for big melodies and Erlandsson isn’t an exception. Tunes like ‘Pain’ and ‘Break Another Heart’ are catchy and easy-going, but not sugar sweet. There’s still enough of a rock component weaved into these track, something that even peaks in harder tracks such as ‘Evil’.

This album is a bringer of a good vibe. It’s the sun that enlights some dark and frosty winter days. ‘Carpicorn Six’ is a nice way to spend 42 minutes, also having enough to offer for deciding for a second spin.



  1. Eye of the Hurricane
  2. Why
  3. Pain
  4. Evil
  5. Had to Let You Go
  6. Break Another Heart
  7. Fear the People
  8. OK
  9. I Just Wanna Love Ya
  10. Alice in Wonderland

Label: AOR Heaven

Genre: AOR

Release Date EU: February 22nd, 2019


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