CD review SHIT THE COW ‘When in Caracas’

(8/10) It’s not the first time that Shit The Cow appears on MHMB. The Swedish rockers release new EP’s on a very regular base, 12” that mainly features 4-6 songs. A full-length debut, entitled ‘Cavelord’, was added to STC’s discography in 2017 and it was sharp before Christmas when a next EP was revealed.

‘When in Caracas’ features four new songs. What’s different this time is that the tunes are rather short and to the point. Actually none of the tracks reaches two minutes, leading to a total running time of 7 minutes. Some other bands have songs that are even longer.

What I like with each of the Shit The Cow releases is the true independent approach. These guys aren’t looking for commercial success or fame. Shit The Cow is about passion for music and the freedom of art. If you want to start 2019 with a wild ride, this is the soundtrack to go for.



  1. Vengenza
  2. First Punk
  3. V is for Victory
  4. Ett Litet Bidrag Till Broellopet

Label: Self-released

Genre: Garage / Punk Rock

Release Date: December 2018


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