CD review BILLYBIO ‘Feed the Fire’

(8/10) Was it the legendary Overkill that sang about ‘Feel the Fire’ on their debut it’s Biohazard frontman Billy Garziadei who named his solo album ‘Feed the Fire’. 

The singer/guitarist is closely connected to NYC hardcore veterans Biohazard, a band he co-founded in 1987 and next to the mothership, Billy Graziadei was and is also involved in many projects of which Powerflo is one of. Since the iconic frontman from NYC doesn’t stand still Graciadei started with BillyBio a new outlet for his musical creativity.

Usually, it’s a tour that follows an album for promotional reasons, but who says that this can’t be turned around. A few weeks ago BillyBio went on tour with the legendary Life Of Agony, a road trip that included many concerts all over Europe. This tour worked as an appetizer for the new album with a lot of songs taken from ‘Feed the Fire’. A few days after the tour was finished the new longplayer arrives at the record stores and what you get offered is excellent hardcore.

As being a fan of (NYC-) hardcore you should have heard songs like the title track and the aggressive ‘Sick and Tired’. It feels like Graziadei being pissed with a lot of things these days, something that adds energy and emotion to each of the 13 songs on the album. The album loses a bit of power towards the end and it’s songs like ‘Untruth’ and ‘Enemy’  being OK but not the best ones on the album. However, what is more than a compensation is hardcore anthems like the terrific ‘Generation Z’. Music and lyrics are in a perfect synch and talking about the lyrics, of course, there comes a message with each of the songs. Graziadei has something to say and the songs on ‘Feed the Fire’ are a perfect carrier that helps to spread the message of tolerance and justice.

‘Feed the Fire’ is a very well-crafted hardcore album, done by one of the veterans of NYC hardcore. This album for sure feeds the fire of tolerance and togetherness.



  1. Freedom’s Never Free
  2. Feed the Fire
  3. No Apologies, No Regrets
  4. Generation Z
  5. Sick and Tired
  6. Remedy
  7. Sodality
  8. Rise and Slay
  9. STFU
  10. Trepidation
  11. Untruth
  12. Enemy
  13. Disaffected World

Label: AFM records

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date EU: November 30th, 2018

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