(7/10) German melodic metal outfit Sinbreed went through some changes over the last years. Two new members are on board and  a switch of labels took place also. The 2016 album ‘Master Creator’ has been released by AFM Records and it’s the new album being Sinbreed’s premier for Massacre Records. Regarding the line-up, too important positions are filled in by new guys. Nick Holleman took over the vocals parts and Manuel Seoane is adding extra guitar power. Both aren’t rookies and it’s Holleman that did a great job with Vicious Rumors.

Holleman does a good job on ‘IV’. Replacing longtime frontman Herbie Langhans wasn’t an easy thing, but the voice of the Dutch singer fits perfectly to the Sinbreed and their uptempo power metal.

As with the earlier releases also ‘IV’ mainly focusses on fast metal songs with a solid portion of melody included. Songs like the galloping ‘The Purge’ and uptempo ‘Falling Down’ are entertaining and don’t need a lot of time to unveil their beauty. Catchiness does its job. Next to these songs, it’s ‘At Least I Am’ I would like to mention. The start of this track is dark and fueled with riff power. The dominant beat adds extra headbanger passion to the mix, all together leading to one of the best songs on the album.

For the rest, ‘IV’ delivers pretty much to what you can expect. of a Sinbreed album Although some things changed in the setting, the music is the constant factor. ‘IV’ is no musical revolution neither it causes ear pain. It’s a solid melodic power metal album, done with passion and musical craftsmanship.





  1. First Under the Sun
  2. Falling Down
  3. Wasted Trust
  4. Into the Arena
  5. Pale-Hearted
  6. Final Call
  7. The Purge
  8. Pride Strikes
  9. At least I Am
  10. Through the Fire


Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: November 23rd, 2018

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