CD review CALM OF NIGHT ‘Love Equals War’

(8/10) Simply the amount of Swedish melodic rock bands is impressive. It’s really hard to keep the overviews since bands pop up like mushrooms in autumn.

A band that’s already a bit longer in business is Care Of Night. The melodic powerhouse was formed in 2009 and premiered with an EP in 2013. The AOR community appreciated this first output which was followed by the debut that hit the record stores in 2015. After a good start, things cooled down a bit with line-up changes and challenges of life leading to a hiatus.

After three years Care Of Night awoke again and started to work on the anticipated sophomore album. ‘Love Equals War’ is the title of this ten track release, featuring Vikor Öström Berg, Care Of Night’s new man on the six string guitar. It feels like Victor brought a new dynamic into sound and music. Although keyboards are omnipresent there is enough space for his rocking guitar. Songs like the title track and the faster paced ‘Hit’ are excellent melodic rockers and with ‘Cold as My Heart’ listeners get another treat for your ears. Even the acoustic ballad ‘All I Got’ has its moments.

A song that ‘confirms’ Bon Jovi as a source for inspiration is entitled ‘We Will Find a Way’. The chorus shows some influences of ‘It’s My Life’ without being a simple copy of the Bon Jovi hit. ‘We Will Find a Way’ has more to offer and rocks much more than the Bon Jovi does these days.

In case you’re looking for cool hooks and well-crafted melodies, all done in the spirit of rock, you shouldn’t miss this album. ‘Love Equals War’ contains modern AOR rock that mainly avoids the clichés, or at least hides them a dense sound and rocking guitars.





  1. Love Equals War
  2. Your Perfection
  3. She Leads You On
  4. All I Got
  5. Hit
  6. Ivory Tower
  7. Cold As My Heart
  8. Please Don’t Leave
  9. We Will Find a Way
  10. At Last



Label: AOR Heaven

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: November 23rd, 2018

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