CD review ARION ‘Life is Not Beautiful’

(7/10) Arion is a Finnish symphonic metal band, hailing from Helsinki. The guys debuted in 2014 with an album entitled ‘Last of Us’, followed by a few single releases. Four years after the debut seeing the light of day it’s ‘Life is Not Beautiful’ being the sophomore release of the quintet.

I have to say that the debut wasn’t on my radar. The label info sheet mentioned some symphonic power metal and the artwork underlined this very well. Also, the music delivers exactly to what the label info sheet said, symphonic power metal. The thing is, that there isn’t that much new with this kind of music. There are so many bands that discovered this territory already that there isn’t much new to discover. Sometimes reminding of Nightwish, sometimes of Brainstorm, Sonata Arctica and others don’t create a moment of real wow. After having heard the first song of the album you can predict how the other tracks will sound like. It’s the unexpected twist, the spice that makes the difference that’s missing on the album.

What’s done very well is sound and production. What gets out of the speakers got a dynamic and powerful sound. Density is definitely no issue and things sound well-crafted.

‘Life is Not Beautiful’ could be a tasty temptation for fans of bombastic metal. It’s just not a mind-blowing release and it doesn’t leave you behind with your mouth wide open.





  1. The End of the Fall
  2. No One Stands in My Way
  3. At the Break of Dawn
  4. The Last Sacrifice
  5. Through Your Falling Tears
  6. Unforgivable
  7. Punish You
  8. Life is Not Beautiful
  9. Last One Falls
  10. Last of Us (2018 version)
  11. Seven (2018 version)
  12. I am the Storm (2018 version)


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: October 19th, 2018

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