Live (Photo-) report VOIVOD / BIO-CANCER / NUCLEAR DEVASTATION, P60, Amstelveen – 10.10.2018

Canadian tech-thrashers Voivod stopped in Amstelveen on October 10th to promote the great new album ‘The Wake’. Nuclear Devastation and Bio-Cancer performed as opening act, after a fashion. After having ‘enjoyed’ the two support acts it was time for the main act that night and it was a reward to listen to Canada’s best.

Finally it got crowded in front of the stage, the sound was good and the level of metallic enthusiasm rose in no time. Voivod crafted an excellent setlist for this night with songs from ‘The Wake’ and ‘Killing Technology’ being equally represented. These guys are brilliant, on CD and on stage. Voivod could have continued playing forever and the downer was the fact that the show ended too early.  The 13 songs comprising setlist could have handled 4-5 extra songs and nobody at the P60 would have been disappointed. Anyhow, great band, great songs, great show.

Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-1Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-2Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-5Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-7Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-13Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-15Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-19Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-20Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-25Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-28Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-29Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-34Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-35Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-36Voivod, Amstelveen 10.10.2018-40


Location: P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Date: October 10th, 2018


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