CD review FARMER BOYS ‘Born Again’

(8/10) ‘Born Again’ – the title couldn’t have been chosen much better. Farmer Boys are back again. Matthias Sayer, Alex Scholpp and Ralf Botzenhart, together with Timm Schreiner and Richard Düe, sent some first signals of work in 2017. With ‘You and Me’ a first single has been released and a bit more than a year later we can welcome Farmer Boys’ fourth full-length album.

‘Born Again’ ends a 14 years waiting time and comes with 10 new songs plus an intro entitled ‘Cosmos’. One of the songs on the album is the mentioned ‘You and Me’, a melodic alternative rocker with a solid 90’s vibe. Songs like the second single ‘Revolt’ following a similar pattern, combining heavy riffs with catchy vocals.

Next to the catchier songs Farmer Boys also have some powerful smashers in petto with Scholpp’s guitar being the dominant element. ‘Fiery Skies’ is such a track that fires on all cylinder while ‘Stars’ keeps things again in mid-pace. The moderate tracks like ‘Oblivion’ are very well-done, but the best moments on the album are the ones when a crushing guitar sound meets Sayer’s cool vocals. If the quintet would have added one more song like ‘Fiery Skies’ instead of doing with ‘Isle of the Dead’ a ballad for the new album, a better score would have been in reach.

However, the general impression of ‘Back Again’ is a very positive one and it is the title track also being the closer of the album. With nearly six minutes the tune is longest one on the album. After some gentle tones and melodies, the tune develops to a cinematic hymn that unleashes its full potential in the chorus.

‘Born Again’ is a diverse and many-faceted album, done by a band that combines music and lyrics to a great total. This album is entertaining, heavy and soulful, all in one.

Welcome back Farmer Boys.





  1. Cosmos
  2. Faint Lines
  3. Fiery Skies
  4. You and Me
  5. Isle of the Dead
  6. Tears of Joy
  7. Mountains
  8. Stars
  9. Oblivion
  10. In the Last Days
  11. Revolt
  12. Born Again


Label: Arising Empire

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: November 2nd, 2018


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