Live (Photo-) report, DELAIN, Patronaat, Haarlem – 12.10.2018

Some days ago Dutch symphonic rockers Delain played a special show at the sold-out Patronaat, Haarlem. It was a long queue in front of the venue announced a big night and excitement grew after the doors finally were opened. The concert was a Delain-only show without any support band or opening act. In almost 2h hours Delain performed all their classic, from sing-a-long songs like ‘Suckerpunch’ to a touching and emotional version of ‘The Hurricane’. 

The show, finished by the great ‘We Are the Others’, also included new songs that were highly appreciated by fans. These tunes made the night to a special one.  

Delain is a band that is very close with their fans. There is a powerful bound with singer Charlotte Wessels being the strong link. The overwhelming reaction of fans led to some tears of joy, heart-warming moments full of emotions.

Delain never disappoints on stage and also the night in Haarlem wasn’t a exception.

Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-299Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-319Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-346Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-352Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-394Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-420Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-425Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-440Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-453Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-470Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-480Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-487Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-496Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-504Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-528Delain, Haarlem, 12.10.2018-535



  1. Go Away
  2. Masters of Destiny
  3. The Glory and the Scum
  4. Suckerpunch
  5. The Hurricane
  6. Scarlet (with Elianne Anemaat)
  7. Danse Macabre (with Elianne Anemaat)
  8. Fire with Fire
  9. Hands of Gold (with George Oosthoek)
  10. Sleepwalkers Dream
  11. Timo & Joey Jam
  12. Pendulum
  13. Pristine (with George Oosthoek)
  14. Mother Machine
  15. Don’t Let Go
  16. The Gathering
  17. Hunter’s Moon
  18. We Are the Others


Location: Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Date: October 12th, 2018

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