CD review NAKED SIX ‘No Compromise’

(7/10) If you just listen to the music of Naked Six without knowing anything about the band you could locate them in the greater Seattle/Portland area. The alternative rock the trio plays has definitely some references to grunge. The unconformity and the wildness of bands like Nirvana and the doom passion of Soundgardeleadds to exciting mix that gets intensified by a solid portion of classic rock, influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin.

It’s a bold statement, naming an EP ‘No Compromise’ and the guys live up to the promise. Nothing on this album seems to be done as a compromise. The two songs that kick-off the album are raw and noisy rock tracks, firing on all cylinders. Guitar power and a grooving rhythm get even wilder by Seb Byford’s vocals. Byford is partly singing but the cool moments are the ones when he starts to scream. This is pure rock power.

‘Unwind’ is another powerful track, framed by two songs that are kept a bit calmer. Not that the EP comes with a ballad, but it features some acoustic moments that break the heavy rock pattern. “Let it Out’ is a such a song, comprising of a half-acoustic verse, that leads towards a harder played chorus. Also ‘Who Am I to You’s starts half-acoustic before building up along the way. Parts of the song are certainly inspired by Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’ while still containing enough own firepower to not merely be a copycat of Seattle’s finest.

‘No Compromising’ is a refreshing and dynamic five-track release that’s electrifying and impressive. Naked Six, a band to keep on the radar.





  1. No Compromise
  2. Tear Away
  3. Let it Out
  4. Unwind
  5. Who Am I to You


Label: Silver Lining Music

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: October 26th, 2018





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