ROBBEN FORD releases ‘Purple House’ today

Robben Ford is a guitarist that might not be known by all of you. However, the ones being deeper into rock and blues might have heard his name earlier since the guitarist is known for his contribution to great projects with Chick Corea and B.B. King. 

‘Purple House’ is the Ford’s newest album and it’s a rocking blues album. Sometimes the bluesy guitar is rocking very well while there are other moments, songs like ‘What I Haven’t Done’, with a gently singing six-string.

‘Purple House’ features nine excellently crafted blues songs that transport a lot of feels and it’s tracks like the melancholic ‘Empty Handed’ that gives you the shivers. Robben Ford brings the best of blues up to the surface.

The entire album reflects excellent songwriter skill and musical savvy, all leading to a touching album, done with an impressive ease. ‘Purple House’ is a cool longplayer and a great soundtrack for escaping of the daily rat race of life.



  1. Tangle With Ya
  2. What I Haven’t Done
  3. Empty Handed
  4. Bound For Glory
  5. Break in the Chain
  6. Wild Honey
  7. Cotton Candy
  8. Somebody’s Fool
  9. Willing to Wait


Label: earMusic

Genre: Blues

Release Date EU: October 26th, 2018

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