CD review SLEGEST ‘Introvert’

(8/10) Norwegian Slegest unveils their new album ‘Introvert’ mid-November this year and the season couldn’t have been chosen much better. The blackened rock’n’roll of the album, done in eight songs, fits perfect into the dark season of fall and winter.

My Norwegian I far too bad to tell you what the lyrics are about and therefore let’s focus on the music. It’s ‘Blodets Varme Gjennom Meg’ that sets the scene for the next 31 minutes. The harsher vocals are in contrary to the melodic and rocking instrumental parts, a combination we know similar from bands like Kvelertak.

The following ‘Undergangens Tankesmed’ widens the spectrum of references. The blackened hardrock vibe is still present and it’s the Maiden-like guitar melodies that add extra firepower. Regardless which song you chose, you can’t drop the needle at a wrong spot. The galloping ‘MalerLys I Moerkeit’ sounds really cool and so does the rest of the album. The darkest moment is entitled ‘Dodskyss’ which means ‘Death of Death’ and the song reflects it very well. Compared to most of the other tracks on the album this one is kept at a slower pace and the swinging hardrock vibe is missing. ‘Leitar’ continues with a  gloomy expression before the rolling ‘Den onde sirkel’ marks already the end of the album.

To sum up: ‘Introvert’ is a black album that doesn’t build on furious guitars at extreme tempo. It’s the depth of rock music that makes this release to a special one. In combination with hoarse and husky vocals, the album adds some sonic shades of grey to a season that’s not spoiled with sunlight anyhow.





  1. Blodets Varme Gjennom Meg
  2. Undergangens Tankesmed
  3. Maler Lys I Moerketid
  4. Det Brenne I Glaasi
  5. I Den Sanne Flamme
  6. Doedskyss
  7. Leitar
  8. Den Onde Sirkel


Label: Dark Essence Records

Genre: Blackened Hardrock

Release Date EU: November 16th, 2018

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