CD review DEAD EXPRESS ‘The Noble Art of Self-Destruction’

(8/10) Dead Express from Sweden has their second album right in the starting blocks. One year after the debut hit the shelves it is ‘The Noble Art of Self-Destruction’ that offers ten new dirty rockers. The amount of bands from Tre Kronor Country is amazing. In this context Dead Express is just one out of the many and still offers music that most other bands would love to have in their repertoire.

The quintet from Nyköping is inspired by Swedish rock veterans such as Backyard Babies and The Hellacopters, but also records of Norwegian Gluecifer must have got many spins on Dead Express’ record players.

Dead Express plays music that works perfectly in a live setup. Right after the start in early 2014 it was the first set goal to play live latest till the end of the year and the guys succeeded. Although the band loves the stage some recordings happened between then and now. Two EP’s have been the springboard for the debut, entitled ‘Bloodsucking Queen’.

The album opens with a blood-curling scream by frontman Joan Wahlgren, which shakes you awake right away. What follows are excellent hard rock songs with a solid street vibe and a dirty rock’n’roll feeling. Traditional hardrock and an anarchic punk attitude come together on ‘The Noble Art of Self Destruction’, leading to a kick-ass rock album. A robust groove (‘Hard Livin’ Large in the City’) is the foundation for each of the songs and it’s the catchy hooks (‘Pagan Hips’ and ‘Hard Stuff’) being treats for ears.

‘The Noble Art of Self Destruction’ can definitely compete with Sweden’s hard rocking veteran bands. This five-piece from Sweden follows their rock’n’roll heart and that’s what gives the album strong identity. Good stuff from Nyköping.





  1. High Fives for Low Lives
  2. Hurricane Heart
  3. Hard Stuff
  4. Sticky Situation
  5. Hard Livin’ Large in the City
  6. Rock’n’Roll Ain’t Dead
  7. Pagan Hips
  8. Drug Lord
  9. Nightmare on High Heels
  10. World on Fire


Label: Dead Express / Sound Pollution

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: September 28th, 2018


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