CD review BRAINSTORM “Midnight Ghost’

(8/10) September 2018 is an important month when it comes to heavy metal music, hailing from the greater Heidenheim area. The German city in the south of Germany is the hometown of two metal acts that are well-known in metal. Undertow will release their new album “Reap the Storm’ on September 21st and it’s know less than Brainstorm, unveiling their new record one week later.

Brainstorm has a long track record in metal. The powerhouse from Germany released already eleven longplayers over the last 20+ years and it’s ‘Midnight Ghost’ that will add new riff power to the band’s resume.

‘Midnight Ghost’ is built on a tracklist that comprises of ten songs of which the melodic power tune ‘Devil’s Eye’ is the first highlight. A Priest-reminding opening with screaming guitars evolve to a fast and melodic song that includes all Brainstorm trademarks. ‘Devils’ Eye’ sets the tone for the next 45 minutes of metal entertainment. Another song that goes full throttle is ‘Pyre’, another highlight on the album.

What includes to Brainstorm musical spectrum too are heavy pounding mid-pace songs. Also these are part of ‘Midnight Ghost’. You shouldn’t miss metal hymns like ‘Ravenous Mind’ and ‘Divine Inner Ghost’, songs with hooks that work very well.

The epical moment on ‘Midnight Ghost’ is the centerpiece of the album. With almost eight minutes of length ‘Jeanne Boulet’ is a true highlight. Frontman Andy B. Franck is acting more as a singing storyteller rather than a singer only. It’s a tune with a cinematic expression and it’s more than solely the length that differentiates it from the other tunes.

Last but not least I can recommend ‘When Pain becomes Real’. It’s by far the most melodic track on the album. Some calmer sequences are followed by a powering bridge and chorus, both coming with string hooks that do their job.

‘Midnight Ghost’ is a continuation of Brainstorm’s winning streak. The quintet from Swabia builds on their strength and fine-tunes them. ‘Midnight Ghost’ an awesome example for how well-crafted melodic power metal should sound like. Brainstorm unlocks again their full musical potential on this album. Metal fans that appreciate a good melody as much as a mighty power chord can easily go for ‘Midnight Ghost’.





  1. Devil’s Eye
  2. Revealing the Darkness
  3. Ravenous Minds
  4. The Pyre
  5. Jeanne Boulet (1764)
  6. Divine Inner Ghost
  7. When Pain Becomes Real
  8. The Four Blessings
  9. Haunting Voices
  10. The Path


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: September 28th, 2018


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