Live (Photo-) report L.A. GUNS/JARED JAMES NICHOLS/STONE TRIGGER, Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden – 10.09.2018

American sleaze rock veterans L.A. Guns embarked on a European tour and stopped at Gebr. de Nobel In Leiden for one show.

The opener on this Monday night was Stone Trigger, hailing from Dublin. The guys premiered when it comes to playing a concert in The Netherlands and they did a quite remarkable job with music that fit perfectly to L.A. Guns.

After such a hard rocking start it was Jared James Nichols and band that brought some blues power to The Netherlands. Looking at the amount of fans in front of the stage it seemed like a lot of people came to see and listen to his show, which was a highly energetic one. Blues and rock runs through the veins of this trio and it was no less than Tracii Guns himself who joined for a song.

L.A. Guns, with Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis on board, brought back the hardrock- and party vibe to Gebr. de Nobel. The live album, which was released some weeks ago, gives a great idea about what an L.A. Guns show is about. It’s about cool grooving hardrock songs, spreading a good vibe and a party atmosphere. This is what also happened on that Monday night, which is already a success in itself. Since a lot of focus was laid on the ‘Cocked & Loaded’ album, this shows was a nice journey back into the 80’s by still enjoying a band that landed in the here and now.


L.A. Guns:


Jared James Nichols:


Stone Trigger:

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