CD review SNAKES IN PARADISE ‘Step Into the Light’

(6/10) Artwork and moniker remind of legendary Whitesnake and I think it’s a planned thing and for sure drives attention by its visual similarities. However, it’s also misleading since the band has not much to do with David Coverdale and Co.. Frontman Stefan Berggren was the singer though for Company Of Snakes, a band started by former Whitesnake members Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody and Neil Murray, but Snakes In Paradise is different.

Snakes in Paradise has its foundation actually before Berggren joined Company Of Snakes and it was the ‘Dangerous Love’ album they have in their credit. It was this album the guys release before the called it a day.

An invitation of a promoter to play the Rockweekend Festival 2016 in Stockholm revitalized the quintet which was the springboard for also signing a deal with Frontiers Records too.

‘Step Into the Light’ is the outcome of a fruitful cooperation, an album that comes with a twelve songs tracklist. The music is very much AOR based and shows some bluesy sidetracks. Tracks like ‘Silent Sky’ sound like a very melodic version of Whitesnake and what’s missing not only with this song are the surprising moments. The album got a good sound, no doubt, but ‘Step Into the Light’ is very predictable. It’s like a movie you’re watching with knowing exactley what’s next.

‘Step Into the Light’ features well produced standard rock songs, done with a certain cookie-cutter approach.





1. Wings Of Steel
2. Silent Sky
3. Will You Remember Me
4. Angelin
5. Living Without Your Love
6. If I Ever See The Sun Again
7. After The Fire Is Gone
8. Love On The Other Side
9. Things
10. Liza
11. Life`s Been Good To You & Me
12. Step Into The Light


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: AOR

Release Date EU: September 14th, 2018

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