CD review ETHERNITY ‘The Human Race Extinction’

(8/10) Good female-fronted metal bands can’t be found in The Netherlands only. Looking across the borders towards Belgium brings Ethernity on the radar. The band was founded in 2000 by two brothers, Julien and Nicolas Spreutels, and their cousin Francois Spreutels. This family teamwork was enriched by two more members and the band began with instrumental songs. With the addition of singer Julie Colin the band changed the approach and added vocals to their progressive power metal.

The first remarkable release was the self-produced demo album ‘The Journey’, which dates back to 2006 and it was the 2015 release ‘Obscure Illusions’ that can be seen as the ‘real’ debut of Ethernity. After three years of hard work it’s the next Ethernity longplayer, ‘The Human Race Extinction’, that’s waiting for its release. The Belgians will unleash their next album mid-September and it’s filled with well-crafted melodic metal songs with a strong progressive component.

‘The Human Race Extinction’ is an album that has the potential to create excitement amongst fans of bands like Epica, Vandenplas and Symphony X. Ethernity’s music includes quite some creative power, which manifests itself in songs like ‘The Prototype’ and the bombastic title track. There is no dull moment on ‘The Human Race Extinction’. More soulful tracks like ‘Beyond Dread’ and ‘Warmth of Hope’ are as good as the powering ‘Indestructible’.

‘The Human Race Extinction’ is a well-done longplayer of a rather new band. Good musical craftsmanship meets the ability of writing fine power metal tracks. The album is a joyful experience for ears and mind.





  1. Initialization
  2. The Human Race Extinction
  3. Mechanical Life
  4. Grey Skies
  5. Beyond Dread
  6. Artificial Souls
  7. Redefined
  8. Rise of Droids
  9. Mark of the Enemy
  10. The Prototype
  11. Not the End
  12. Warmth of Hope
  13. Chaos Architect
  14. Indestructible


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Melodic Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: September 14th, 2018

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