CD review BEN POOLE ‘Anytime You Need Me’

(8/10) This time I would like to shift your attention a bit more towards blues rock. Guitarist, singer and songwriter Ben Poole has a new offer. It’s his next album, entitled Anytime You Need Me’, that provides you with ten new blues rock anthems. The album was recorded at Superfly Studios in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire with Wayne Proctor being at the helm.

The new record brings excellent blues rock to the table and is slightly different than the last longplayer ‘Time Has Come’.

‘Anytime You Need Me’ is more guitar-based again and also the songwriting process was slightly different. The album was done by Poole himself, together with Wayne Procotor and Steve Wright. The creative challenge was writing new songs together as a trio, something that never happened before in such a constellation and the result is rewarding.

The ten songs on ‘Anytime You Need Me’ represent excellent blues and it’s title track is the starting point for this groovy blues experience. The nicely grooving track leads you to the next stop – ‘Take It No More’, which is another example for Poole’s great capabilities when it comes to songwriting and performance.

The really emotional impact comes with the soulful ‘Found out the Hard Way’ and it’s the cool ease of ‘Dirty Laundry’ that puts a spell on you too.

All in all I can conclude that ‘Anytime You Need Me’ became a really good blues rock album with Poole being a guitarist that knows very well how to handle the six-string guitar and vocals. Ben Poole is gifted with the capability to transfer his heart into tones and songs. Good stuff.





  1. Anytime You Need Me
  2. Take It No More
  3. You Should Say
  4. Found Out the Hard Way
  5. Further ON Down the Line
  6. Dirty Laundry
  7. Start the Car
  8. Don’t Cry For Me
  9. Let Me Be
  10. Holding On the Car


Label: Manhaton Records

Genre: Blues Rock

Release Date EU: September 14th, 2018




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