CD review SOURCE ‘Source’ – re-issue

(9/10) Don’t get confused while thinking about Source from Sweden. There are two bands with this moniker, while this one here is the epic metal powerhouse. Source is the brainchild of former Portrait axeman Richard Lagergren. After having left Portrait in 2012 the guitarist immediately started to work on an own band – Source. To turn the idea into reality Lagergren was in need of some additional companions and it was his former Portrait bandmate Patrick Dagland who joined for doing the drums. At the same time Lagergren had already three songs ready, but the band was missing a singer. The search for a vocalist delayed the recording, which finally took place in 2015 when Oscar Carlqvist (RAM) was along for the ride.

The songs have been recorded and ended up on self-released EP that saw the light of day in 2016. Over time High Roller Records took notice of this EP and it will be mid-September when the label re-issues ‘Source’. The release includes the original three tracks from the EP plus a Styx cover. Source metallized ‘The serpent is Rising’, which is done in a good fashion

After having been at the end of this EP it’s time to move to start. ‘Crossroad Calling’ is nine minute epos that starts with a 2 minutes classic introduction. This oppressive atmosphere that comes with it prepares ground for the actual song. Melodic guitar and heavy riff are key characteristics. Rooted in the early metal days and referring to bands like Diamond Head, Source creates a link to bands like King Diamond too. This has mainly to do with Carlqvist’s ability of doing high pitches, sometimes shifting into falsetto vocals.

Songs on this EP include a certain complexity by twists that are comprehensible for listeners of this great release. Everything’s done for the songs. It’s the musical savvy of the involved that allows these songs to shine without putting the musical ego into forefront. This come back in each of the four tunes on this release, that is certainly an appetizer for more.

High Roller Records shows again their great sense for excellent traditional heavy metal by re-releasing this EP. These four songs are a treat for fans of traditional heavy metal. I like this album and I hope there will be some more in the near future.





  1. Crossroad Calling
  2. Let Him In
  3. Wither
  4. The Serpent is Rising


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: September 14th, 2018

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