CD review WILSON ‘Tasty Nasty’

(5/10) Detroit Rock City – is it Wilson’s new album that can underline the statement? Not really. The band, that has its starting point in 2010, has released two quite successful records with the latest one being entitled ‘Right to Rise’. Three years later the band comes around the corner with a new longplayer and it’s a change fans need to face.

‘Tasty Nasty’ was done with Scott Stevens at the helm, a producer known from his work with Sixx A.M. and Papa Roach. Furthermore ‘Tasty Nasty’ is the first disc the band release via RED Music which helps to kick-in so far closed doors. The only thing that needs to be achieved is a good album with cool songs.

Having listened to the album leaves me confused and irritated. The band went through a dramatic change of styles. Was it the dirty rock’n’roll vibe that was dominant on the last album, it’s an modern metal sound you get with ‘Tasty Nasty’. This is at least what the first two songs want to make you think.

While ‘Right to Rise’ partly reminded me of bands like The Almighty it is this time bands like Sixx AM and Limp Bizkit that inspired Wilson’s ‘Dumptruck’ and ‘Wrong Side of History’. It’s a rather big adjustment that sounds good, but lead to some question marks in case you liked the first releases. However, it’s a great start.

The bad thing is that things don’t continue the way the album started. ‘Like a Baller’ partly picks up the energy from the beginning but the surface gets some first scratches. What follows is a journey into triviality. Funky grooves start to dominate and ‘Spanish Coffee’ adds a strange latino vibe to the mix. There is, with ‘House of Fuckery’ a bit of a better track towards the end, but in general the album loses excitement rather quickly. All of this is nothing new and is exchangeable with many other similar releases. What comes on top are the lyrics, reflecting a delayed puberty more than anything else.

Wilson changes direction with ‘Tasty Nasty’ and so far they don’t move into the right direction. They kicked their old spirit over board and it feels like ‘Money (Money Money Money)’ is more than just a song title. The band’s third album sounds like a band being in a transition, searching for a new direction. Right know I must say that’s a pity that the guys stepped away from their hardrock passion since it them so well.





  1. Dumptruck
  2. Wrong Side of History
  3. Like a Baller
  4. My Hustle
  5. Summertime Treat (Tasty Nasty)
  6. Act My Age
  7. Spanish Coffee
  8. Money (Money money Money)
  9. Fuck Up My High
  10. House of Fuckery
  11. Everybody gets a Round on Me


Label: RED Music

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: August 24th, 2018

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