CD review NIGHT VERSES ‘From the Gallery of Sleep’

(9/10) This time I would like to draw your attention to an album that has been launched already a few weeks ago – ‘From the Gallery of Sleep’ by Night Verses. The band, hailing from Los Angeles, California, was founded in 2012 and is a trio. Nick DePirro, Reilly Herrera and Aric Improta are the three guys running this post-rock outfit. Night Verses’ first release was an EP, ‘Out of the Sky’, which was released in 2012, followed by debuting with afull-length album in 2013.

‘From the Gallery of Sleep’ is the newest strike by this interesting rock band, featuring 13 songs in total. Night Verses is about instrumental metal and rock, which also manifests itself on this new record. The trio composed genre crossing music that comes with a huge dynamic. If you ever thought, that instrumental music is boring, I can recommend you this longplayer, since you will probably change your opinion.

Creating a fusion of metal, rock, ambient, prog and even more styles leads to tunes that come with many twists, most of the unexpected and well-placed. It’s a tough thing to pick out some songs of this album, since the density of quality is extremely high. What I want to do though is talking ‘No Moon’ to describe Night Verses sound a bit better. A spoken word sample starts the song, followed by some calm and gentle sounds. It’ an atmospheric beginning. The band’s sketching a sonic landscapes and if I stick to the metaphor, it’s nice green meadows that slowly change into a hard rock landscape. In other terms, the song evolves to a heavy one with filigree guitar part and a mighty beat, spiced up by a constant interaction between fragile parts and out-bursting moments. The musical skills of these three guys allow them to express more emotions by their music than other bands do with music and vocals together. Now, as said earlier, this song is just one example and there are many more of these great moments on ‘From the Gallery of Sleep’.

‘From the Gallery of Sleep’ is an exciting album from beginning to end. I don’t think that the guys are well-known in Europe and I also have to admit that I just got them on my radar via a friend’s advice. I have listened to this album quite some times to date and I can fully recommend it. If you’re interested in music that stretches the boarders of rock and metal and if you call bands like Long Distance Calling to your favorites, than you shouldn’t miss Night Verses and their newest album. It comprises of excellent music.





  1. Copper Wasp
  2. Trading Shadows
  3. Vice Wave
  4. Vantablonde
  5. Lira
  6. No Moon
  7. Glitch in the You I Thought I Knew
  8. No. 0
  9. Blaboa
  10. Earthless
  11. Harmonic Sleep Engine
  12. Phoenix IV: Levitation
  13. Infinity Beach


Label: Equal Vision

Genre: Post-Rock

Release Date: June 29th, 2018

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