CD review TRAPPIST ‘Ancient Brewing Tactics’

(7/10) Beer, metal and rock is a combination that works very well together. Therefor it’s not a big surprise that some bands pick-up the topic as an overarching theme for lyrics. Bands like German metallers Tankard are well-known for such lyrics and also Gang Green, with their fabulous ‘Older Budweiser’ album, expresses their favor for the refreshing drink in more than one songs.

Another band that aims for a similar target group as Gang Green are Trappist. Already the moniker of the band tells the story. Tappists are monks, mainly located in Belgium, that are known for brewing beer and ale. This was the link to the history but let’s have a look into the present.

‘Ancient Brewing Tactics’ is Trappist’s fourth full-length longplayer in four years. The trio put 21 songs on the tracklist, each of them short and brutal. The album isn’t an epical long one. As the songs, also the entire album is spot-on. Listening to these 33 minutes of hardcore/metal crossover is a blast. ‘Ancient Brewing Tactics’ doesn’t give you some time to take a breath. The band uses a full throttle approach, leading to an album that feels like pushing limits by reducing length.

What’s special with the album is the funny side fact that you get a specific beer advice for each of the 21 songs on ‘Ancient Brewing Tactics’. The guys call it the ‘ultimate sensory experience” by bringing together listening, smelling and tasting to a holistic experience. Just be aware, the album comprises of 21 songs which also means 21 beers in less than 35 minutes. Good luck.

Regardless of this challenge the album is a cool one; with or without beer. I was often reminded of bands like Nuclear Assault, S.O.D. and D.R.I. while listening to this energizing fusion of metal, hardcore and punk. Prost.





  1. No Soldiers Left Behind
  2. This Means Wort
  3. Tesguino
  4. The Patron Saints
  5. Hymn to Ninkasi
  6. Waiting in Line – First Stanza
  7. Giving the Boot to Reinheitsgebot
  8. Swignorant
  9. Nihamanchnihamanchii
  10. Frank the Tank
  11. No Corporate Beer
  12. Victims of a Bomber Raid
  13. 99 Problems (But a Beer Ain’t One)
  14. Proost-Op
  15. Waiting in Line – Second Stanza
  16. To the Pint
  17. You’re the Reason
  18. Garbage Human
  19. Waiting in Line – Third Stanza
  20. Wolves in the Taproom
  21. Trappist-1: Final Gravity


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Metal/Hardcore Crossover

Release Date EU: August 17th, 2018


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