CD review ANNISOKAY ‘Arms’

(8/10) The rise of German melodic metalcore outfit Annisokay is a really impressive one. Things began in 2007 in Halle, Germany and since then the band seems to be an unstoppable force in German metal. The band that had to face some line-up changes in the early years, evolved with each album unveiled.

It took the Annisokay quite a while to release their first record. The guys debuted in 2015 with ‘Enigmatic Smile’, an album that went right into the German charts. ‘Devil May Care’ followed one year later and it’s 2018 that brings the decisive third album to table.

‘Arms’ is the title of the third longplayer, a record that comes with 12 songs. Annisokay keep things spot-on, with none of the tracks degenerate into long epical chapters. The guys remain true to themselves with song that cover some metalcore outbursts, combined with melodic and clean vocal sections. The mixture of alternative rock and metalcore is fine-tuned on the new album.

Songs like ‘Humanophobia’ represent the band’s harsh expression. The track is heavy and focusses on aggressiveness. The chorus tries to add some melody to this riff assault, but stays in the back while forceful sounds take the momentum.

To describe the entire range of Annisokay’s sound brings me to ‘Unaware’. The song that was already revealed some weeks ago belongs to the group of tunes that brings melodic vocals to forefront. Especially the chorus has a well-crafted sing-a-long approach and is catchy without being sugar sweet. ‘Escalator’ follows a similar pattern and it’s these songs that might open doors for new fans to explore the band and their music.

To sum up: ‘Arms’ is a logical continuation of the bands journey through rock and metal(core). Compared to some other releases in the same genre Annisokay’s new album doesn’t sound too much planned or from the drawing board. This album comes from the heart rather than having things planned based on an existing success formula. This album is worth to check out.





  1. Coma Blue
  2. Unaware
  3. Good Stories
  4. Fully Automatic
  5. Sea of Trees
  6. Innocence Was Here
  7. Humanophobia
  8. End of the World
  9. Escalators
  10. Private Paradise (feat. Fronz)
  11. One Second
  12. Locked Out, Locked In


Label: Arising Empire

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Release Date EU: August 17th, 2018


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