CD review FOSCOR ‘Les irreals versions’

(8/10) In case you stumble over Foscor’s new release by coincident you might wonder why this longplayer gets a review on MHMB. Digging a bit deeper into the background of the release as well as of the band reveals the roots of this metal band from Catalonia.

Foscor started in 1997 as a black metal outfit and shifted their music towards a darker and more progressive metal style. Up till now the band release five longplayer of which the latest one was entitled ‘Les irreals visions’. The album has been released in 2017 and 14 months later Foscor releases nearly the entire album again, just in a total different version,.

Six songs of the ‘Les irreals visions’ have been remastered and newly arranged, with the effect of giving the album a total new expression. Songs like ‘Altars’ became peaceful and atmospheric rock songs. Already the original versions of each of the six songs include a lot of feel and compositional smartness, but it’s these soulful re-arrangements that help the music to shine even brighter. The details flock to the forefront and unveil their fragile beauty.

‘Les irreals versions’ is an experiment that turned out to be very successful and I don’t talk about commercial success here. It’s the nuances of the original songs that get strengthened so much, giving the record a new expression and new vibe. Foscor underlines the potential of great songs. You can do a lot with them. ‘Les irreals versions’ is an exciting album and soulful journey into musical soundscapes that are far away from mainstream.





  1. Instants
  2. Altars
  3. Encenalls de Mort
  4. Espectres al cau
  5. Les irreals visions
  6. L.amor.t


Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Dark Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: August 24th, 2018

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