CD review MOB RULES ‘Beast Reborn’

(8/10) Longtime German metal outfit Mob Rules finished work on their newest longplayer ‘Beast Reborn’ that will be available on August 24th this year. With the new album the band continues a journey that began in 1999 when the guys released the debut ‘Savage Land’, followed by seven more records.

Mob Rules belongs to the group of hard-working bands, being gifted with a lot of willpower and passion. Even though the band from Lower Saxony could never celebrate a bigger breakthrough, the band could gain a very solid and loyal fan base, metalheads that are looking very much forward to this release.

‘Beast Reborn’ features eleven new songs of which the opener is more an intro than a song. This longplayer is the first one that includes the newly joined second guitarist Sönke Janssen and there is more news to report. No less than Jens Bogren did the mastering at Fascination Street Studios. With his contribution, ‘Beat Reborn’ got a dense and dynamic sound that works extremely well.

‘Beast Reborn’, the intro, is a cinematic way to start the album before ‘Ghost of a Chance’ gets out of the speakers in a heavy fashion. A hard-hitting rhythm section and blistering guitars build a rock solid framework. The melodic and energetic vocals by founding member Klaus Dirks support the typical Mob Rules sound and secure a good start into the band’s ninth album.

Fans of melodic power metal made in Germany will be delighted with songs like the hymnal ‘Traveler in Time’  and the bombastic ‘Revenant of the Sea’. References to the NWoBHM are present with ‘Children’s Crusade’ and it’s the more melodic aspect of Mob Rules that is in focus with ‘Way Back Home’.

‘Beast Reborn’ is an album that fully lives up to expectation. Mob Rules is looking forward to their 25 anniversary, which happens next year. During this quarter of a century the band grew and constantly improved their sound without stepping away from their roots. ‘Beast Reborn’ is an exciting longplayer that will help the band to widen their fan base even more. I like.





  1. Beat Reborn
  2. Ghost of a Chance
  3. Shores Ahead
  4. Sinister Light
  5. Traveler in Time
  6. Children’s Crusade
  7. War of Currents
  8. The Explorer
  9. Revenant of the sea
  10. Way Back Home
  11. My Sobriety Mind (For Those Who Left)


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Release Date EU: August 24th, 2018

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