CD review UNANIMATED ‘Annihilation’ – EP

(8/10) Unanimated is a band that doesn‘t really flood the market with releases. The Stockholm metal horde debuted in 1993. ‚In the Frost of the Dreaming Dead‘ was an album that combined Nordic death metal with black metal and some melodic leads. The sophomore album has been released two years later and from then on the band needed time.  

After a hiatus of more than ten years the quintet found some common ground again in 2007 and it was the third album ‚In the Light of Darkness’ that saw the record stores 15 years after ‚Ancient God of Evil‘ spread its morbid beauty. Fans that, at that time, hoped for a faster release pattern have been disappointed. There was some radio silence after the third longplayer left darkness and it took another nine years before a new deadly strike was announced. 

An EP, entitled ‚Annihilation‘, is the newest sign of life of Unanimated. The band recorded four songs and even though the gap between the different records was a rather long one it is the quality of songs that compensated and still does. ‚Annihilation‘ is black, morbid and destructive in its expression.  

Basically each of the four tracks is terrific. The best two songs though frame the tracklist. The opener ‚Adversarial Fire‘ is an evil and vicious death metal song. The fast first half of the song is as impressive as the density of riffs, leading to a neck-breaking end. 

The closer ‚Annihilation‘ is the second highlight on this EP. A masterly done riff kicks off the song, followed by a tempo change. The band shifts gears more than once, with the effect of the tune becoming raging and brute. Uptempo blasts are followed by slow and hellish sections and it‘s this well-done variety that creates excitement from beginning to end. 

Unanimated‘s new EP is a deadly sign of life. The band is still around and they know how Scandinavian death metal needs to sound like. ‚Annihilation‘ is a mature release that showcases a band that wasn‘t sucked up by commercial interest and success. Releases like the current EP feel authentic and unleash the fascination of death metal. Good stuff I can recommend. 





  1. Adversarial Fire 
  2. From a Throne Below 
  3. Of Fire and Obliteration
  4. Annihilation 


Label: Century Media 

Genre: Blackened Death Metal 

Release Date EU: August 10th, 2018


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