CD review BAEST ‚Danse Macabre‘

(8/10) Baest is Danish, the word and the band. ‘Baest’ means ‘beast or ‘brute’ in English and having chosen this moniker is a perfect match with the music this Danish quintet has in the offer.

The five-piece band is hailing from Aahus and they are a rather new band. The starting point was in 205 when Baestwas formed and since then an impressive story started to unfold. Baest played an enormous amount of live shows which definitely helped them to grow together, but also create a dense death metal sound.

A self-released EP, entitled /Maria Magdalene’, has been published in 2016, followed by a single ‘Crosswhore’. The releases and the live shows brought Baest to Century Media’s attention. The timing couldn’t have been much better since it was the right label at the right time for releasing the band’s debut album.

‘Danse Macabre’ is the title of Baests debut, featuring eight death metal hymns. The quintet is insoired by bands like Grave and Bloodbath, being icons on Swedish death metal, while looking on artwork and some riffing also shows a link to the early Morbid Angel. The common demoniator, if you will, is the oldschool vibe and sound that comes with each of the eight trackss.

‚Danse Macabre‘ isn‘t an epical long album. The guys from Aahus didn‘t waste time in prolonging things just to score a better running time. It feels like each note played and each riff performed has a purpose.

This debut doesn‘t contain any fillers while the flow of ‚Messe Macabre‘, ‚Ritual‘ and ‚Vortex‘ is the real centerpiece. For me it‘s the combination of all three songs that creates the blackened magic. It starts with the bloodcurlding growl of ‚Messe Macabre‘ that introduces a terrific metal wrecking ball. The song belongs to most energetic death metal song I‘ve heard this year. After such a massive noise attack, it‘s the acoustic interlude ‚Ritual‘, being an extremely well-placed counterpoint. It feels like being in the eye of this metal twister, pretending clamess and silence. But it‘s the opposite that hits the listener. ‚Vortex‘ is the next sonic blast and brings back the storm with full force.

To sum up: ‚Danse Macabre‘ is a fabulous death metal debut. Denmark has more to offer than Pretty Maids and King Diamond. Baest adds death metal to the Danish metal map and this album might be the start of something big. A beast is rising.





  1. Crosswhore
  2. Hecatomb 
  3. Danse Macabre 
  4. Atra Mors 
  5. Messe Macabre
  6. Ritual 
  7. Vortex 
  8. Ego Te Absolvo

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