CD review ULTRAPHONIX ‘Original Human Music’

(8/10) How could it sound if boundaries pushing rock a la Living Colour meets filigree metal riff power performed by George Lynch? This question is answered. It’s ‘Original Human Music’. This is at least the title of an album that was done by Living Colour frontman Corey Glover and guitar heroGeorge Lynch, known from Dokken, Lynch Mob and others. Both musicians combined forces, starting a project entitled Ultraphonix. The two creative minds were joined by drummer Chris Moore and bassist Pancho Tomaselli, both being the highly powerful engine of this outfit.

‘Original Human Music’ comprises of songs, twelve in total, that combine rock, funk and jazz to an exciting and inspiring mix. It takes a bit before each of the tunes unfolds its beauty, but it’s worth to not give up. The label information quotes guitar wizard George Lynch saying “The album sounds like a fusion of early Chili Peppers meets King Crimson meets Judas Priest!”  and I think it can’t be described in a better way. Each of these bands, respectively the music they stand for, can be found on ‘Original Human Music’.

Songs you should have heard are the soulful ballad ‘Heart Full of Rain’, ‘Walk Run Crawl’, which was the first single release and also the funky grooving rocker ‘Wasteland’ is a track you shouldn’t miss.

If creative minds collaborate, the result can’t sound bad. ‘Original Human Music’ proves this thesis in an impressive way. Glover and Lynch bring together their experience, passion and musical capabilities. The result is a vital and dynamic rock album that reflects many influences, all being hold together by the uniqueness of guitar play and vocals. “Original Human Music’ is a cool record for some hot summer days and nights.





  1. Baptism
  2. Another Day
  3. Walk Run Crawl
  4. Counter Culture
  5. Heart Full of Rain
  6. Free
  7. Wasteland
  8. Take a Stand
  9. Ain’t Too Late
  10. Soul Control
  11. What You Say
  12. Power Trip


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: August 3rd, 2018


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