LP review CHASTAIN ‘The 7th of Never – 30 Years Heavy’ – re-release

(8/10) A bit more than 30 years ago Chastain released with ‘The 7th of Never’ an excellent US metal record that’s built on Chastain’s exquisite guitar play. The album followed the brilliant ‘Ruler of the Wasteland’ release from a year earlier and includes furious US metal. Roaring riffs and filigree solos are a substantial element of an album that includes more than solely a focus on the six string guitar.

Bandpic_CHASTAINDavid T. Chastain teamed-up with one of the best female singers in metal – Leather Leone. The rock lady with the harsh and raspy voice enriched each of the nine tracks on the album and by this, added another nuance to ‘The 7th of Never’. Like often, it’s the magic combination of guitar and singer that creates a special touch and this release is a good example for the thesis. But also the ones creating a rock solid foundation for the album aren’t nobody’s either. Mike Skimmerhorn added the bass and he, together with drum legend Ken Mary, gave the album its heartbeat.

Pure Steel Records provides a re-issue of the classic in vinyl. The label also added with ‘It’s Too Late For Yesterday’ and ‘The 7th of Never’ two instrumentals that round off a well-done re-release of an excellent US metal record. If you missed the longplayer in the 80’s, this is your chance to add a classic to your collection.





  1. We Must Carry On
  2. Paradise
  3. It’s Too Late For Yesterday
  4. 827
  5. The Wicked Are Restless
  6. It’s Too Late For Yesterday (instrumental, Bonustrack)
  7. The 7th Of Never
  8. Take Me Back In Time
  9. Feel His Magic
  10. Forevermore
  11. The 7th Of Never (instrumental, Bonustrack)


Label: Pure Steel Records

Genre: US Metal

Release Date EU: August 31st, 2018


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