CD review GRAHAM BONNETT BAND ‘Meanwhile, Back in the Garage’

(8/10) British vocalist Graham Bonnett, well known from his days with Rainbow, Alcatrazz and Impellitteri, always had solo releases too with ‘The Book’ being the latest one to date. Two years after ‘The Book’ was unveiled it is ‘Meanwhile, Back in the Garage’ that opens a new chapter of Bonnett’s solo journey and it’s an cool one.

I must say that ‘The Book’ was a good rock album, but it didn’t wow from start to end. It felt like there was too much pace for the brain and less listening to the heart. This changes with the new longplayer. 

Already the title track, that starts the album, is a real smasher. Fast and furious the tune has everything you want to get from a well-done hardrock album. This song is a storm and not just a breeze. ‘The Hotel’ follows and can’t easily keep the quality level. This time it’s less the pace that leaves you breathless. It’s the catchy melody that’s embedded in this energetic rockn’roller that is entertaining. With “Livin’ in Suspicion’ things get even more melodic by still paying enough attention to a lively rock spirit.

I like the moments when Bonnett releases the breaks. ‘Long Island Tea’ has again these faster moments and powerful beat that puts a spell on you. The track is kept a bit darker than most of the other ones on ‘Meanwhile, Back in the Garage’ which is a nice twist. Talking about faster songs means also to mention ‘Man on the Corner’. The full force track spreads rock pleasure with its speedy approach. 

‘Meanwhile, Back in the Garage’ loses a bit towards the end and songs like ‘Heading Toward the Light’ doesn’t unveil their full beauty to me. Maybe it would have been good to keep it to ten tracks because than each of them would have been a real stunner. However, the album became a vital and dynamic hardrock album that shows all the experience and passion of Bonnett and his great voice. Good stuff for ears and mind.





1. Meanwhile, Back In The Garage
2. The Hotel
3. Livin’ In Suspicion
4. Incest Outcest U.S.A.
5. Long Island Tea
6. The House
7. Sea Of Trees
8. Man On The Corner
9. We Don’t Need Another Hero
10. America…Where Have You Gone?
11. Heading Toward The Light
12. Past Lives
13. The Crying Chair
14. Starcarr Lane (Live From Daryl’s House 2018


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: July 13th, 2018


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