CD review MR. BIG ‘Live in Milan’

(9/10) Some cameras and additional microphones have been placed for Mr.Big‘s live show in Milan last autumn. Following the release of the bands latest studio album ‚Defying Gravity‘ the band embarked on a tour with a setlist, comprising of an comprehensive overview of the band’s creative work. 23 songs reflect all moments of Mr. Big, with a focus on the newest album, as well as equally on the extremely successful ‚Lean Into It‘ release. Both records contribute with five songs each, incl. classics such as ‘Green-Tined Sixties Mind’ and ‘Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)’, the latter being the opener for the show. The band went even further back in time, playing with “Addicted to That Rush’ and ‘Rock’n’roll Over’ two songs from the debut, an album that paved the way for later successes.

Next to the well done choice of songs, the album is special for another reason too. It features some songs with the bands original drummer Pat Torpey who battled with Parkinson‘s Disease at that time, a fight he sadly enough lost in early 2018. Torpey played with his band mates some songs and it was Matt Starr that filled in for the other tunes played that night in Milan.  

This live release, as well as any Mr. Big show, clearly states that Mr. Big is far more than ‚To Be With You‘ only. Actually I think that the smash hit was more of a hinder than a benefit because it put an excellent rock band into a box they don‘t belong to. Mr. Big is one of the best rock bands with musicians that don‘t need to prove anything to anybody anymore. Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert have a long and successful track record in rock and metal and the same goes for Pat Torpey. Also Matt Starr fits perfectly to Mr. Big and all this is the soil for excellent hardrock songs that are grooving, dynamic, energetic and melodic without compromising on rock‘n‘roll spirit. In case you‘re still doubting, listen to ‚Colorado Bulldog‘ and you know what I‘m talking about. There is just one word that sums up the album: EPIC. 





  1. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy  
  2. American Beauty  
  3. Undertow  
  4. Alive And Kickin’ 
  5. Temperamental  
  6. Just Take My Heart  
  7. Take Cover  
  8. Green-Tinted Sixties Mind  
  9. Everybody Needs A Little Trouble  
  10. Price You Gotta Pay  
  11. Paul’s Solo  
  12. Open Your Eyes  
  13. Wild World  
  14. Damn I’m In Love Again 
  15. Rock and Roll Over 
  16. Around The World  
  17. Billy’s Solo  
  18. Addicted To That Rush  
  19. To Be With You  
  20. 1992  
  21. Colorado Bulldog  
  22. Defying Gravity 


Label: Frontiers Music 

Genre: Hardrock 

Release Date EU: July 13th, 2018


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